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Jibara 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars 3x30mg 90mg Total THC

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Get ready for the best tasting craft chocolate cannabis bar you've ever come across. JÍBARA is a 60% cacao dark chocolate bar, handcrafted with love and made with U.S. grown cacao from Puerto Rico. It gets its name from the motherly figure of Puerto Rican countryside folklore who, among other things, always made sure you had a warm cup of chocolate during those chilly tropical nights up in the mountains of the island.

Like her, you can make this bar into a drink, or you can get creative and use it in flakes to top a dessert. This ability to use it like as cooking ingredient is rooted in our "bean-to-bar" artisan chocolate practice, which limits fillers & additives in favor of simply using cacao, cocoa butter, and a touch of sugar to make our product.
3x1oz. bars/pack
30mg THC/bar