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Sherbinskis - Key Lime Gummies

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Delectable vegan gummies from the mighty House Sherbinskis. 100mg of THC in every pack, these fruit chews are mouth-watering and gelatin-free. With a delicate mochiko coating and packing a serene, sleepy high. 20 pieces at 5mg each for easy, delicious dosing. We're one of the few SF vendors privileged to be able to sell this item to consumers.

Here's a glowing 86-pt review from Proper Cannabis: 

Sherbinskis’ Key Lime Gummies are sweet-and-sour edibles with a delightfully chewy texture. The resulting high is often uplifting and head-heavy with a relaxing body buzz to complement. The comedown often ends on a sleepy note, so take this in the late afternoon and ride it right into the evening.