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Sherbinskis - Mixed Berry Gummies

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Delectable vegan gummies from the mighty House Sherbinskis. 100mg of THC in every pack, these fruit chews are mouth-watering and gelatin-free. With a delicate mochiko coating and packing a serene, mild high. 20 pieces at 5mg THC each for easy, delicious dosing. Elefante is proud to be one of the few Bay Area vendors privileged to sell these iconically good gummies.

Here's a glowing 95/100 review from Proper Cannabis: 

Sherbinskis' Mixed Berry Gummies are sweet, mood-boosting edibles that typically provide an uplifting and buzzy high. They can really add to a social atmosphere, so try one (or two) before a party or cocktail hour. If you're part of your local baseball league or something similar, keep these in your bag for a good flow in your game.